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The Lebron Brothers Family

In summary, the main members of the family

Publié le 23 mars 2004, par : El Rico

Where, if one had any doubts, we find out that The Lebron Brothers are... Asunto de Familia [1] !

The birth dates are approximate, based on those found from various sources :

- The founders :

  • Pablo [2], born in 1936 : lead vocals
  • José, born in 1948 : Piano, Composer, Arranger, lead vocal and coro
  • Angel, born in 1950 : Bass, Cuatro, Composer, Arranger, Lead vocals and coro

- 1970, starting from the album Brother

  • Carlos, born in 1953 : Bongo, Composer, Lead vocal and coro

- 1971, starting from the album Salsa Y Control

  • Frankie, born in 1958 : Congas

- Up until the 1980s, the five brothers are the family members of the group. Later, they will add :

  • On Salsa Lebron, Nadine (Angel’s daughter) at the piano, Angel Junior at percussion and Adrian (José’s son) at the trombone
  • and finally(?) Corrine, born in 1979, appears at the vocals on Ahora Te Toca A Ti..., and then starts a solo career. She participates in 35th Anniversary

[1] a family affair

[2] in 1981, Pablo suffers a heart attack. He leaves the stage, then the group, after the Criollo album. He will make a short return for an album at the end of the 1980s, before permanently retiring from music